Raspberry spegg © UVVIS29 with aluminum case

The Raspberry Spegg UVVIS29 in aluminum housing is equipped with two broadband LEDs (blueUVA-B and Gold LED). Both LEDs can be controlled independently and together in intensity and cover a spectral range from 270nm to 1050nm.
Both broadband LEDs radiate through a common F-SMA 905 connector. Various optical fibers (see accessories) can be connected to this. The cuvette holder (see accessories) shown on the left can also be connected to the port. It can be used to measure standard cuvettes with 13mm edge length.
The optical fiber of the spectrometer is stably mounted in a gooseneck and has an M-SMA 905 connector. Spectra can be recorded from 0.2ms to several seconds over the spectral range from 250nm to 1050nm with various gains and a very good signal-to-noise ratio.

The demo software is written in Python and can be adapted to individual needs. Thus, various experimental sequences can be freely programmed. Absorption, transmission and the recording of external light sources with different filter options are possible with the demo software. The spectra can be displayed in 2D and 3D. A manual and automatic saving of the spectra e.g. in Excel csv file is possible.

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Raspberry spegg © UVVIS29 with aluminum case

Art.No.: LIVIS2906

EAN: 791732154697

delivery contents:

spegg © UVVIS29

SD card incl. demo Software in Python

Raspberry pi 4

Raspberry pi power supply

modifed FLIRC protective shell


Spectral Range200 – 1050 nm (250 – 1050 nm accessible)
FiberØ 300 / 330 µm; NA= 0,22
Fiber length from spegg board to top31cm +- 1cm
Fiber connectormale F-sma 905
Blazed Gratingg = 4,7 µm / d = 0,2 µm
Stray light Attenuation> 17dB with GG495 at 470 nm (30 dB using SC30)
Spectral Resolution< 10 nm FWHM / 2 nmPixel
Spectral Accuracy2 nm (typ. 1 nm)
Inter Instrument Agr.typ. 0,5 nm
Wavelength Stability0,05 nm/K
Wavelength Repeatability (RT)0,05 nm
Sensitivity (e.g. 500nm)> 20*1015 cts*nm / W*s
Noise Equivalent Power3 pW 500nm; Ti 1s low signal and 50pW with high signal
Dynamic Range> 5.000 ;low signal
Electronics16 bit; UART;
Wavelength range LED270 – 1050 nm
Light source connectorfemale F-sma 905
Storage Temperature– 40°C to +60°C
Operating Temperature0°C to +40°C
Max. rel. humidity (not condensing)85 %