FT-G fourier transform spectrometer for gas quality control

FT-G fourier transform spectrometer

FT-G fourier transform spectrometer

The FT-G controls the gas in a wide spectral range from 7200cm-1 (1.4µm) to 1000cm-1 (10µm) with a resolution of 1 cm-1 and high S/N ratio up to 20000. The optical way is 1m. Gas can be measured with a pressure up to 10bar between 0°C and 60°C. The components of gas with an absorption coefficient > 10^-21 cm/molecule can be controlled up to a resolution of 1ppm. There is continuous measurement of gas absorption, temperature and pressure. The PC inside the FT-G stores the measurement results for two days. With a LAN connection a second PC reads out the measurement results, displays the spectrum and calculates the measurement values. The measurement values are given out with the help of two 4-20mA interfaces. The gas tide construction includes a vibration protection.

technical data

 spectral range:                             1000 cm-1 (10 µm)

     7200 cm-1 (1,3 µm)                                             

spectral resolution [ΔλFWHM]:       < 2 cm-1
dispersion:       1 cm-1
max. gas pressure:       10 bar
light way:       100 cm
detector:       DLATGS
signal : noise       15000:1 (20°C, 120s)
interface:       LAN
signal output:       2 * 4-20mA ; 2 * 0-10V
power supply :       12V DC ; 6A ;
power consumption:       60W
operating environment temperature :       10°C bis 30°C
gas temperature:        0°C bis 60°C
storage temperature:        0°C bis 40°C
case:        high-grade steel IP66
case holder:         varnish steel
dimensions (LxWxH):        150 * 45 * 20 cm
weight:        70 kg