Multi-function spectrometer spegg ®

speggExternal light sources as well as internal ones (UV LED and Xenon high pressure) can be used for analysis. The high pressure xenon lamp can tune the intensity to the sample absorption; thereby strongly absorbing samples may be measured. Instead of a cell (cuvette) a transparent tube can be inserted into the light path. The same sample can be measured in the transmission- as well as the dispersion (900 angle) measurement. The spegg®, calibrated by a norm light source, can determine radiation intensities of external light sources e.g. of the sun in mW/nm *m² . No additional power supply is requirded, control and power supply are carried out through the USB interface. The intuitive spegg® graphic software supports obtaining and processing of spectral signals; e.g.absorption, transmission, enzyme kinetics, device functions making use of scilab® and LabVIEW ™ software.


Art.No.: LIMUTI02

EAN: 791732154641

technical data

spectral range:                            250-1050nm                   
dispersion: 3,5nm/pixel (350-1050nm)

1,8nm/pixel (250-350nm) 

detektor: Hamamatsu
Signal-to-noise ratio: 3800:1 (20°C,105ms)
Integration time: 30ms-3s
A/D resolution: 16bit
integrated light sources: 1.)  high pressure Xenon

2.)  UV LED



lighting: transmission, 90°, extern
Sample holder: macro and half micro cuvettes

6mm tube 

input: SMA 905
power supply: USB
dimensions: 8,8*12,7*3,4cm
weight: 230g

schematic diagram

schematic diagram